Car insurance
A special car requires special insurance. Insurance that offers you maximum freedom, with claims taken care of with no fuss in the event of loss or damage, and that is also affordable. Classicus Private Insurance can offer you just such special insurance.
Whether you own an exotic sports car, a luxury car for everyday use, or a collection of classic cars, your car insurance must in the first place offer you freedom, and not impose restrictions on you. To this end, Classicus Private Insurance works only with car insurance companies with an outstanding reputation in the field of claims handling.
Arrange your car insurance through Classicus Private Insurance and benefit from a low policy excess, very extensive cover, unique no-claims scheme, and very competitive premiums. We would also be happy to tell you how you could further reduce your premium by installing a certified car security system.
If you would like to learn more about our car insurance, please contact us for an offer tailored to your personal situation or for an appointment with no further obligation.