Museums and art dealing

Insuring an art or antique collection is a specialized matter. After all, a collection is often worth more than the sum of its parts. Classicus Private Insurance helps museums and art dealers to manage the risks involved with their collections.


Art and antique dealers, auction houses, museums, as well as exhibition organizers, restorers of fine art and antiques, and owners of heritage buildings can come to us for specially-tailored art and antique insurance. Not only the pieces of art in the collection, but also the building, the inventory, and the means of transport can be insured in a single, crystal-clear policy.


Our fully-comprehensive insurance offers you the most extensive cover. Because all our policies are specially tailored to the individual situation, you can be sure that there will be no overlap and that you are not paying too much. And, in the event of loss or damage, you are assured that you claim will be dealt with courteously and promptly. One policy, one premium, and one point of contact: Classicus Private Insurance offers you great convenience.


If you would like to learn more about our insurance for museums and art dealers, please contact us for an offer tailored to your personal situation or for an appointment with no further obligation.